DC_160513_SafetyWhen you are in the courier business the road becomes your office and to be safe at work is an absolute necessity.

Over the next couple of weeks we would like to share with you a number of road safety tips as highlighted by www.hse.ie. We hope we can do our part in keeping Ireland streets and roads safe for all cars, bikes and pedestrians. We would like to get started with bicycles and motorbikes…

Give traffic space and hold back. A truck, for example, might be turning at any corner. Never cycle up the side of a vehicle that might be in the process of making a turn. Always ensure you have your lights positioned correctly on the bicycle and that they are in good working order. Always wear a bicycle helmet that meets current safety standards. Ensure the saddle and handlebars are properly positioned and comfortable. Check that your bicycle is safe to cycle and that your brakes, wheels, tyres, lights, bell and steering are in proper working order.

Wear bright, reflective clothing, armbands and belts when cycling at night or when light fades. A reflective jacket or waistcoat that slips over your coat will help to define your shape in the dark. Reflective patches, badges, tape and stickers can be applied anywhere on the bike or cyclist and are recommended to maximise your visibility.

At night it is easier to spot approaching cars because of their headlights, but remember you may be dazzled by lights on full beam.



  • Do plan a route that suits your cycling abilities
  • Do cycle your bicycle decisively – it helps motorists understand your plans
  • Do refresh yourself with the Rules of the Road and follow them
  • Do cycle on cycle lanes when available
  • Do think ahead, anticipate drivers’ actions and catch their eye
  • Do drive well clear of the kerb
  • Do use hand signals to indicate when you plan to make a turn
  • Do wear helmets and bright clothing and always use lights after dark or in poor daytime visibility
  • Don’t cycle the wrong way up one way streets
  • Don’t cycle across pedestrian crossings


We would like to credit www.nch.ie as the authors and publishers of the above information and we hope distribution of this valuable information among our customers will help the Health Service Executive in making Ireland a safer place for everybody.


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