DC_160415_CyclingTransport for Ireland (TFI) is encouraging us all to take part in the European Cycling Challenge running during the month of May.

The challenge is open to all cyclists living in County Dublin and the Limerick Metropolitan Area and it is your chance to place Dublin and Limerick on the European Cycling Stage.

The European Cycling Challenge – ECC2016 is a challenge among European Cities – the City that “cycles” the longest total distance wins! The European Cycle Challenge was launched in 2012 by the University of Bologna and every year since has encouraged cyclists throughout Europe to register their trips throughout the month of May. Dublin is participating in the challenge again this year, for only the second time.

So if you cycle in County Dublin or the Metropolitan area of Limerick, you can sign up to this FREE city team competition. To register simply go to www.cyclingchallenge.eu, where you can find more detailed information on the challenge. You can also download a free app to your smartphone to track your bike journeys during the challenge.

For more information about the Challenge please visit Transport for Ireland’s web site.


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