DC_151120_CountiesA couple of weeks ago we started building a section in our site devoted to our Ireland transport destinations by county. Our goal is to provide custom information regarding parcel delivery for each county of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Trouble is all these pages are looking a little too formal at present! Then we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we learned a little about our country and had a bit of fun as we prepared the Ireland Nationwide transport section in our website? Wouldn’t it be interesting to add to each of our Ireland county pages any interesting facts, touristic spots, nice restaurants, curiosities, towns or trivia worth mentioning about each county?

So if you think we have not gone completely mad and feel you want to help us here is what we would like you to do:

1. Visit our Facebook page

2. Add/post picture and/or…

3. A brief detail of what you think is worth mentioning about your town or county. Keep it simple, just a few words, or a link to more details will do.

4. And totally optional… share the link with friends who may want to add their own comments.


No prizes this time around… as famous USA president said… “it’s not what your COUNTY can do for you but what you can do for your county” (or was it COUNTRY he said?)

Thank you all :)


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