How to Send a Parcel?

If you’ve never used a courier before, don’t worry, it couldn’t be easier. Especially with our convenient door to door delivery. Here’s how to get yourself organised to send a parcel from start to finish.

  1. Address
    Make sure you have the full and correct address, including postcode. If you’re sending something abroad, check how to write the address in the correct format for the destination country. This helps us to ensure that your parcel reaches its destination on time. You can find some helpful information on our country pages.
  2. Prohibited/Restricted Items
    There are many types of goods that cannot be sent by courier and many that are prohibited or restricted by the local customs in other countries. Much of the time it is common sense, but there are some surprising items that you can’t send to certain countries, so it’s always best to check in advance.
    You can find some information on our Prohibited/Restricted Items page, and our country pages, or if your destination country is not listed, call our helpful team on 01 6610000 for advice.
  3. Packing & Labelling
    Packing your parcel safely and securely is important to protect your goods during transit. Consult our Packing page for detailed advice on how to pack your parcel, which packing materials to choose, advice for unusually shaped items, and labelling.
  4. Booking
    Call our team on 01 6610000 and we’ll get your parcel booked for collection quickly and easily.
  5. Sending
    This is the easiest step of all – just be at your collection location at the arranged time with your parcel and we’ll do the rest for you!

Handy tip…

If you’re shipping internationally, there’s no need to go searching on comparison sites – we do the hard work for you. We have well established contacts with all the big names in international delivery, like UPS, DHL and FedEx. When you call our team, they’ll search for the best possible rate for your parcel and destination and give you a competitive quote in minutes.

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