DC_151106_NewWebsiteIf you are reading this you probably have realised we launched our new website a couple of weeks ago.

Trouble is we have been so busy enjoying our October bank holiday weekend and having fun in our Halloween Facebook competition that we had no time to let our customers know about it. We are truly sorry, but we have only the best of intentions…

We wish to continue to bring to you a pleasurable online experience by modernising its design while maintaining our already effective mobile device optimisation. But it is not just a matter of design and development, we are working very hard to prepare new features to allow you to take full advantage of our expertise and enthusiasm. A few months ago we enabled our chat system and it has become an important source of communications between our prospect clients and our customer service staff. Now, we are working very hard to bring to you an online quoting service so you can get quick estimates on any delivery from Dublin couriers to Ireland nationwide and international parcel delivery. And this is only the beginning.

Please let us know of any suggestion by which in your opinion we can improve not only or site but any of our services. We keep repeating ourselves, we are customer service driven, if you are happy, we are happy.