At Deadline Couriers we believe in being on top of our game that is why we  are introducing our newest Helicopter Express Courier Service.

This new service will be particularly targeted to those very special times when speedy action is required, for example catching a pint of milk in the shops before they close for the evening or picking up the kids in school when another round of golf and a pint with your mates is required…

The investment in this new equipment is estimated to be considerable. We have sent envoys all over the world to purchase the most modern helicopters which will be retrofitted with a cybernetic engine by which the driver can power the engine just by tapping his or her toes on the accelerator pedal. This new technology has been developed by Deadline’s R&D department and it is said search engine and social media giant companies with headquarters in Dublin have been seen trying to sneak into our labs to get the blueprints. Deadline managing director, SMC (his name is kept secret for obvious security reasons) said for this report: “We are not worried about the technology being stolen, the secret of this programme success is in the quality of the toe tapping and not the engineering of these machines”

Our new toe tapped helicopters will be flying around your neighbourhood very soon indeed. If you have any questions, please DO NOT call our office… it is a secret project!


You can call us however for any information about our local courier, urgent (direct) courier, door to door national parcel delivery and express international transport services at 00353 1 661000 or email us at