FBEircode_May15After years of preparation the new Irish Post Codes are nearly here… end of June 2015.

The new Irish Post Codes promise to be more than a post code, an Eircode is a smart location code for all Irish addresses. Unlike other countries, where postcodes define clusters or groups of addresses, an Eircode will identify an individual address – rural or urban – and help show exactly where it is located. This means every residential  and business address will receive a unique Eircode.

There are numerous benefits of introducing Eircode into Ireland. Not only will it make the delivery of services and goods to households easier, but also being able to accurately and quickly identify an address can save valuable minutes.

At Deadline Couriers we realise the large impact Eircode will have in our business, allowing us to more accurately fulfill our delivery services. From our Dublin Courier Service, and more particular our Urgent Direct Courier Service, to our Nationwide Service. From Dublin to Cork or from Galway to Waterford and all major cities and towns in Ireland, our door to door parcel deliveries will benefit from the new Eircode.


For more information about the new codes you can visit www.eircode.ie

Call us for any information about our local courier, urgent (direct) courier, door to door national parcel delivery and express international transport services at 00353 1 661000 or email us at info@www.deadline.ie