We all know one of the secrets for success in the retail sector is customer satisfaction.

In Online Retail we exchange shop’s aisles for drop down menus and shops’ front displays by moving sliders, but the objective is also customer satisfaction!

While many people still wonder what is the attraction of online shopping a large group of us have embraced the ability to do our shopping in the privacy of our own homes, at a time of our choosing, no stress or hassle. So we know it is not a perfect system, but it is all worth it just to save us that trip into town or to the busy shopping centre.

To compensate for the inability to try or test the products before purchase, online retailers ensure their return policies are very obliging. You can exchange or get a refund on any product as desired, no questions asked. As a result, returns have become an intrinsic part of online shopping.

Here is where we can help both consumers and retailers!

Most online retailers will encourage their customers to use the post office for their returns. Very often they will partner with transport companies who offer specific collection points across the city. Sadly very few online retailers offer their customers the same facility that brought them together in first place: to arrange returns from the comfort of their own home.

At Deadline Couriers we want to bring the customer satisfaction ethos a step further with My-Returns.ie. We offer a low cost pick up and product return delivery service for all major online retailers in Ireland and the UK.

This is how it works

  1. Customers login to My-Returns.ie and select what online retailer they wish to return unwanted products to.
  2. They specify any address they wish the pickup to be made from, home, work, etc (service only available for Dublin city pickups currently).
  3. Customers can select immediate pickup (60 to 180 minutes from booking) or a date and a time slot that is convenient to them.
  4. Upon booking, one of our couriers will pick up the parcel or parcels at the requested address and we will proceed to ship it to the retailer’s designated Returns address.

How much does it cost?

Due to the high volume of deliveries we handle daily, we can offer customers the most competitive courier services. But that is not all, we also work in partnership with some major retailers to offer their customers free returns or low flat delivery charges… we handle all their bookings and deliveries and we invoice the retailer an agree fee per delivery.

In summary, we make the Returns process very convenient for all customers and retailers. Consumers can send their returns from wherever it is convenient to them, retailers do not have to use their own resources to manage their returns… we do it for them!

We ensure customer satisfaction throughout to the very last step of the online shopping process.

Find out More about MyReturns.ie

If you wish to find out more on how we can specifically help your company, you can call us at +353 1 6610000 or email sales@deadline.ie.

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