DC_160625_SafetyDriversAt Deadline Couriers we feel it is imperative to make Road Safety an absolute priority, for the sake of our Drivers and the General Public alike…

A few weeks ago we published a number of road safety tips for bikes as highlighted by www.hse.ie. We want to continue on the important theme of Road Safety by highlighting some tips for safe driving…


Always wear a seat belt when in a vehicle, no matter how short the journey, whether you are the driver or passenger or in the back seat. Seat belts save lives. The law states that seat belts must be worn by the driver and all passengers. Drivers have a legal duty to ensure that all passengers in their vehicle aged under 17 wear a seatbelt, children aged under four are in the appropriate sized car seat, and children aged up to 12 years must use a booster seat.

For those of you unclear about the Irish Guidelines for children car restrains you can visit the Road Safety Authority’s site.


The problem with fatigue (tiredness) is that it develops slowly and drivers often don’t realise they’re too tired to drive. The following may help you avoid driver fatigue:

  • Plan your trip to include regular breaks – at least every two hours for 15 minutes or more
  • Plan to start your trip early in the day and try not to drive into the night.
  • Plan to stay somewhere overnight
  • When you stop get out and walk around for exercise and deep breathing
  • Share the driving, if you can
  • Eat well-balanced meals on journeys
  • Don’t drink any alcohol before driving or during rest breaks
  • Check your prescription medicines – some can make you drowsy.


  • Never drink and drive – if you are going out and know you will have a drink, leave the car at home
  • Check your speed – familiarise yourself with the new metric speed limits and drive within them
  • Keep a reflective jacket or vest, red triangle, flash light/torch, first aid kit and small fire extinguisher in your car boot in case of emergency.


For further details on Citizen’s Information on Road and Safety please click HERE


We would like to credit www.nch.ie as the authors and publishers of the above information and we hope distribution of this valuable information among our customers will help the Health Service Executive in making Ireland a safer place for everybody.


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