DC_151113_FridayAs we approach the end of yet another Friday 13th (November 2015) many of you may think lucky enough you survived unscathed. Some of us however we knew we would be safe because in Spain and many other Hispanic countries, the unlucky day is Tuesday 13th…

During the middle ages, superstition arouse around Jesus last supper’s 13th individuals present. Friday also become an unlucky day as it was the day of the week Jesus was executed. Sometime around the 19th century, both 13 and Friday were joined to become today’s common superstition. If you are truly terrified of Friday 13th you may suffer paraskevidekatriaphobia from the Greek for hate of Friday and Thirteen.

But on the other hand, ancient Greeks thought Tuesday was an unlucky day and 13th was an unlucky number, hence superstition among other countries including Spain and other Hispanic countries to be fearful Tuesday 13th (Martes y Trece).

The ancient Romans thought number 17, XVII, was an unlucky number as the digits could swapped to read VIXI which means ‘I Lived’. As a result, Italians think of Friday 17th as the unlucky day.

In Ireland we live in a truly multicultural society where traditions (and superstitions) mix to make much richer and colourful life. At Deadline, we are very aware of our cultural differences and similarities as we deal daily with deliveries across the wide world. In fact we are fortunate to have many countries represented among our staff. We aim to understand everybody’s needs and to serve the best solutions for everybody at the most competitive prices. We are experts in International transport, from a small parcel to large industrial consignments.

So next time you need a delivery abroad, give us a buzz, we will deliver any number of parcels (except 13 of course).


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