DC_160429_InternationalIreland has undoubtedly become a modern and cosmopolitan country!

All Irish and foreign nationals in Ireland are constantly exposed to the need of sending and receiving parcels to and from other countries… trading or working in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia or indeed sending parcels back home in Russia, Poland, Philippines… extended holidays in the apartment in Portugal or Spain… shopping online… the list or reasons and destinations is large.

Playing its part, Deadline Couriers is not just a local courier delivery company. We partner with top International Freight Handlers to provide an outstanding quality and reliable worldwide urgent delivery service.

When you handle a large amount of international consignments as we do on a daily basis, you become aware of some of the mistakes our customers make when preparing their parcels for delivery. Here are a few tips on the most common problem:

Ensure the address is correctly written

This may sound obvious and silly but it is indeed one of the most common causes of trouble. Often foreign addresses are displayed in a different format to the Irish and even the spelling of words can be sometimes trick. To avoid any postal problem is is crucial you check the destination’s address very carefully ensuring all letters and numbers are correct and displayed on the parcel in clear writing. While not imperative, we often recommend to cover the address with clear plastic or even cello tape to avoid the ink to smudge.

Legal and Customs restrictions

Some items are subject to legal and customs restrictions and while they may be all right to send in Ireland they may not be legal in the destination country. This restrictions include among others alcohol and tobacco, some antiques and electronic items, sharp objects, recreational weapons, etc. Please check with us in advance to ensure the content of your parcels will not delay or stop your parcel before reaching its destination.

Wrap your parcel properly

While we will do our best to ensure your parcel is handled carefully, it is likely it will get a bump or two along the way. To ensure the contents are protected, use newspaper, tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect your content inside your container, whether a box or an envelope. It is usually a good idea to label your parcel clearly ‘Fragile’ to remind handlers to be extra careful with it.

Choose the right transport company

Different international delivery service companies would specialise in a different type of consignment, for example commercial containers or small padded envelopes… It is alway advisable to research who is the best supplier for the task with the most competitive prices.

Deadline Couriers works with the best International Freight Handlers at each field. This enables us to offer you the right service whatever the size or nature of your parcel, at the most competitive prices in Ireland.

Weight and measure your parcel

Before booking your delivery, ensure you provide your handler the correct weight and size of your parcel so they can give you an accurate pricing and delivery timings. Do remember pricing is calculated over Volumetric Weight an average tariff calculated using both Weight and Volume. Click here for more details about volumetric weight

Return to Sender details

Unfortunately there is a rare occasion when delivery cannot take place. In those cases, it is a good precaution to add the sender’s address and details to the parcel. Most times, the transport company will be able to identify the parcel and return the consignment by use of barcodes and electronic records, but ‘it is better to be safe than sorry’.


Let us continue our running tradition, call us for any information about our local Dublin courier, urgent (direct) courier, door to door national parcel delivery and express international transport services at 00353 1 661000 or email us at info@www.deadline.ie